18th European Wireless Conference - EW 2012

18-20 April 2012 - Poznań, Poland

General Information

About Poznań

Poznań is located half-way between Berlin and Warsaw, and the extensive network of road, railroad and plane connections ensures efficient transport and makes the city easy to reach. Traffic jams are to be expected on city entry and exit routes, especially during rush hours.

Poznań has a large accommodation base, with facilities of various standards, ranking from 5-star hotels to youth hostels.

Public transportation

Due to major repair works in the centre of Poznań, the routes of most tram lines are changed. Use trams 4, 6, 7, 16 or 17 to get to the conference venue. The tram stop is called 'BARANIAKA'.

Please note that because of the repairs, tickets are valid 15' longer than their nominal time between 6.00 am and 7.00 pm. (e.g. 15 min. ticket is valid 25 min. and 30 min. ticket is valid 45 min.).

If you wish to use public transportation the tram stop closest to the EW 2012 Conference venue is ‘Politechnika’! (tram: 13)




The official currency in Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN): 1 zloty = 100 grosz. Bills come in 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 zloty denominations. Coins are 5, 2 and 1 zloty, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 grosz. Money can be exchanged in banks and money exchange offices without commission.

Poznan has a well-developed ATM network supporting Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus cards. Cash machines of particular banks can mostly be found in their branch offices.

Major banks:

  1. National Bank of Poland - Poznan District Division, Al. Marcinkowskiego12, tel. +48 61 851 42 00, www.nbp.pl
  2. Bank PKO BP, Pl. Wolności 3, tel. +48 61 855 50 00, www.pkobp.pl
  3. Bank PeKaO S.A., ul. Św. Marcin 52/56, tel. +48 61 855 85 58, www.pekao.com.pl
  4. BZ WBK, Pl. Wolności 16, tel. +48 61 856 49 02, www.english.bzwbk.pl

Exchange offices are located at the Railway Station, at the airport and in the city centre, as well as in shopping centres. Money can also be exchanged in banks.

Addresses of selected exchange offices:

  1. ul. 27 Grudnia 9, Poznan, tel. +48 61 852 95 71
  2. ul. Polwiejska 42, Poznan, tel. +48 61 859 64 66, Stary Browar (Level -1)
  3. Plac Wolnosci 14, Poznan, tel. +48 61 851 61 27
  4. ul. Glogowska 18, Poznan, tel. +48 61 866 32 82
  5. Railway Station, Main Hall, Dworcowa 1, tel. +48 504 115 846


Poznan's monuments commemorate both the old rulers of Poland and the time when the city flourished - the 16th century golden age. Monumental, representative edifices coexist with beautiful townhouses of diverse designs, and broad streets and thoroughfares in charming corners of the Old Town.

Each part of Poznan is unique in character. You can choose between the magic of the medieval Ostrów Tumski and Śródka, the Renaissance and Baroque air of the Old Town, the big city attitude of the Downtown Śródmieście district or the Art Nouveau-infused Jeżyce, Łazarz and Wilda.


Poznan is located in a temperate zone, with great temperature variability. Winters in Wielkopolska are usually mild and humid, while summers are quite hot. The average temperature is 8.1°C, with June being the hottest month (17.3°C on average). It is worth remembering, however, that the climate is becoming increasingly warmer and sometimes June temperatures exceed 30°C.

December is the coldest month: the mean monthly temperature is -0.2°C. Recently, winters in Poznan have become milder, but in the past temperatures around -20°C were not uncommon. http://www.poznan-life.com/weather.php

Access to Poznań

Air travel

Ławica Airport is located 7 km from the city centre, in the vicinity of the route leading directly to the major city points and next to the road out of Poznań to Berlin and Warsaw. It is possible to get to the city centre from the airport using line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. In line L the ticket price doubles and one can take one piece of luggage free of charge.

Next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank, it is however worthwhile calling any of the RADIO TAXI services (e.g. 61 822 22 22; 61 8 515 515; 61 8222 333) .




You can get to Poznań driving A2 motorway (access from the west direction).


The city centre is covered by the Parking Zone. Fare is collected for each vehicle parked within the zone. Drivers pay the parking fee in parking meters located along streets in the city centre. The Parking Zone borders are marked with B-39 road sign.

Drivers coming to the city are recommended to leave their cars in guarded car parks and specially prepared buffer car parking lots placed around the Parking Zone.